Our Team

Hope Partnership

Rev. Mary Downey

Chief Executive Officer

Angie Rench

Chief Development Officer

Will Cooper

Chief Operating Officer

Rev. Esther Rodriguez

Chief People and Equity Officer

Tom Banks

Chief of Staff

Drew Pinney

Community Outreach & Events Coordinator

Fabiana Serat

Development Associate

Lynda Rosado

Director of Legal Services for IDignity Osceola

Abbi Young

Human Resources Coordinator

Jessica Suarez

Legal Assistant for IDignity Osceola

Joan Loy

Operations Assistant

Hope Cares

Jill Poffenbaugh

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Rev. Daniel Martinez

Facilities Assistant
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Jacob Smith

Outreach Advocate
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Hope Center

Hope Works and Properties

Erika Soto

Hope Works Director
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Tony Marrero

Employment Specialist
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Hope Strategies

Kristy Lukaszewski Pinney, M.P.P.